Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 injections offer all the benefits of B12 without the need for daily supplements. This injection is given intramuscularly, meaning it is injected directly into the muscle, and you will start to feel the effects almost immediately.

 These injections are ideal for people who have difficulty absorbing B12, such as those with certain digestive issues or those who are vegan. They work to boost your energy levels and give you a real boost of vitality. People usually start seeing results after the first injection, and the effects can last several weeks.

 Vitamin B12 injections are also used to treat certain medical conditions, such as anemia and pernicious anemia. They can help increase red blood cell production, giving you more energy and helping to prevent fatigue and help improve brain function, mental clarity, and focus.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 Injections:

• Boosts energy levels
• Improves focus & concentration
• Supports a healthy metabolism
• Supports heart health
• May help prevent anemia
• May help reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety
• Supports healthy nerve function
• Improves mood and mental clarity
• Supports healthy skin, hair, & nails
• Improves overall vitality

Who should get a Vitamin B12 injection?

People who have difficulty absorbing B12, such as those with certain digestive issues or those who are vegan, may benefit the most from a B12 injection.

How often should I get a Vitamin B12 injection?

Generally speaking, you should get an injection every two to three weeks. However, your provider can advise you on the best frequency for you.

How long do the results of a Vitamin B12 injection last?

The results of the injection can last several weeks.

Are there any side effects of Vitamin B12 injections?

Vitamin B12 injections are generally considered safe, and side effects are uncommon. However, discussing any possible side effects with your doctor before the injection is always important.

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The mission at Refine Aesthetics Med Spa in Austin, TX is to help clients reach their version of personal beauty. With a mixture of science, technology, artistry, and medicine, our services are transformative and cutting edge. Our downtown Austin, Texas med spa offers chemical peels, fillers, microneedling, exosome therapy, and more. The goal is to reveal your best self—purified, perfected, and refined. 

Touted as the best med spa in Austin, Refine Aesthetics is pleased to offer exosome therapies for your hair and skin. Do you want to know more about exosome therapy? Easily accessible in downtown Austin, our med spa will help you decide if exosome therapy is right for you. Learn More About Refine Aesthetics Med Spa.

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Exosome Facial Before and After Results

What should you expect from your exosome treatment? What results should you look for? In the days and weeks after your exosome facial treatment, you may notice several different types of improvements in your skin. Your facial treatment can result in the reduction of fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, and age spots.

After your exosome treatment, your skin may show Improved brightness and hydration quicker than healing on its own. You may notice less redness and skin irritation post any microneedling or laser therapies. Any scars, lesions, or wounds should become less visible while your overall skin texture should improve with smaller pores and a smoother feel. 

Exosome Injections and Hair Therapy FAQs

How Much Does Exosome Therapy Cost?

Exosome therapy may cost between $500 and $5000 depending on many different factors. The price may be affected by the area you are treating, the concentration of exosomes selected and how many treatments you might need. Some patients may require several treatments to achieve their desired results, which would increase the overall cost of their exosome therapy.

How Long Does Exosome Hair Therapy Last?

Exosome hair therapy treatments produce visible results that may last up to 6-9 nine months. Depending on the individual and how many treatments they have undergone, this time period may vary. Patients undergoing exosomal hair therapy may wish to schedule another treatment as the results wear offcontinual treatments are needed to maintain results

What Can I Expect From an Exosome Treatment Session?

Exosome treatments for the face and hair are both in-office treatments with minimal downtime. While exosome facials are often applied in tandem with other procedures, such as microneedling, the recovery period may look different depending on what you are undergoing at your appointment. For hair treatments, your scalp may be numb feel full for a few hours afterward, but there should be minimal pain during the exosomal therapy procedure as a topical numbing agent is used. You should be in and out in an hour and experience no downtime. Results from exosomes build over time but may become noticeable within days.

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