Courtney Gill PA-C
Aesthetic Physician Associate

Courtney Gill PA-C
Aesthetic Physician Associate

Refine Aesthetics in Austin, Texas is the result of Courtney Gill’s PA-C passion to provide the best Austin Medspa experience where clients feel heard, relaxed and in qualified hands.  With a decade of medical and cosmetic dermatology experience as a nationally certified Physician Assistant, Courtney focuses on new trends and techniques so she can provide the latest Aesthetics treatments to her valued patients. 

A Native Texan with More Than a Decade Practicing Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology

A Texas born and bred native, Austin skin specialist Courtney Gill PA-C is the youngest of 4 girls in her family. She’s a proud graduate of the University of Texas, Austin, Tx and is a third-generation alumni. She boasts multiple cosmetic certifications in advanced injection techniques, laser light therapy, Courtney has amassed an immense amount of experience treating conditions like acne, rosacea, melasma, cellulite, fine lines, and more. She’s worked extensively with Botox® and Dysport®, Juvederm® and Restylane® Products, Scultpra®, Kybella®,  SkinPen® Microneedling with and without PRP, Hair restoration with PRP, laser resurfacing and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy.

It’s a high priority for Courtney to learn and watch how trends and techniques change and to keep up to date on new knowledge and findings as well as cutting-edge cosmetic treatment options. Technology and science are changing at a rapid pace, and, as an Aesthetic PA-C  in Austin, Texas Courtney wants to be able to offer the latest cosmetic and medical treatments to each of her valued clients. The goal is to help patients “Refine” themselves in a natural and beautiful way.

What Refine Aesthetics is All About

In October of 2019, Courtney experienced a rare heart attack called SCAD- Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection 10 days after giving birth to her second child. It wasn’t long after that COVID hit and the world seemed to change faster than most of us could keep up. All of these factors played a part in Courtney’s realization that life is short, so going after what you want now is the only way to guarantee that you will experience your dreams. Thus the idea of Refine Aesthetics was conceived.  

Austin skin specialist Courtney Gill

These life-changing events also provoked thoughts about Courtney’s Austin, TX career. It became clear to her that it was important to provide an excellent patient experience while ensuring cosmetic and medical patients feel valued and heard. And so, one year later, Courtney decided to start Refine Aesthetics so she could provide patients with the excellence, dedication, and care they deserve.

Refine Aesthetics officially opened its doors with a grand opening in December 2020 The team knew how much of a risk it was to launch a brand new business in the midst of a pandemic, but they took a leap of faith, believing in Courtney and her vision. Since then, Refine Aesthetics’ dedicated team has been providing the best MedSpa services in all of Austin, Texas. That leap of faith the team took is now your opportunity at Refine Aesthetics Med Spa in Downtown Austin, Texas.  

Austin skin specialist Courtney Gill PA-C and her family

About Courtney Gill

In 2021, Courtney wrote a heartfelt piece for Tribeza magazine outlining her journey to opening the doors at Refine Aesthetics and it was a true highlight in a career full of accomplishments. With a decade of experience as a cosmetic and medical professional, she has become one of Austin’s best Aesthetics Injectors. Courtney is a proud member of the American Medspa Association (AMspa) as well as the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (SPDA) and the Texas Association of Physician Assistants (TAPA). She has also recently joined the Entrepreneur Organization  (EO) and was interviewed for the Deb O’Keefe podcast.

Outside of her professional life, Courtney enjoys spending her free time with her husband and two young children, Pierce (4) and Presley (2.5). She loves Townlake and all it has to offer as well as the Texas hill country.

Courtney Dermatology Austin

A Passion for Helping Her Patients Achieve Their Skin Goals

Courtney is committed to growing her knowledge as she attends conferences nationwide and webinars to learn about the latest technology and cosmetic treatments whenever she can. Her dedication to learning everything she can about dermatologic and aesthetic treatments shows in the quality of her work and the loyalty of her clients.

Courtney has a deep passion for aesthetic medicine stemming from her own struggles with acne, sun damage, and the signs of aging. She values the relationships she builds with each client and, as a result, is personally invested in their wellbeing and results. As an Austin skin specialist, nothing gives her more fulfillment than setting goals with her patients and achieving them. As a woman who is an entrepreneur, she has never understood more clearly how important it is to empower women and she aims to do that through excellence and commitment to her practice at Refine Aesthetics.

Refine Aesthetics is more than just a cosmetic medspa in downtown Austin. It’s a place where patients are empowered to reach for their aesthetic goals. Whether you’re looking for skin tightening, rosacea or acne treatment, Botox®, or other skin services, Refine Aesthetics Med Spa in downtown Austin, Texas is the place to go. Reach out to our friendly staff for a consultation and work with Courtney Gill PA-C and her dedicated skin team downtown Austin today.

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