Exovex Exosomes


What are Exovex Exosomes ?


Exosomes are vesicles that are released by virtually every cell in the body, and have been shown to be the key mediators in cell-to-cell communication. Exovex is a cellular regeneration product whose active component is exosomes. 

Exosomes help to reduce the signs of aging in the skin by assisting in collagen building/ production, soothe inflammation and boost skin elasticity to decrease the appearance of sun damage. Exosomes can even be injected into the scalp to aide in hair restoration.

What Can I Expect From a Treatment Session?

Exosomes can be applied on top of any area of the skin that has been treated with any lasers, microneedling, or resurfacing tools. After the treatment of your choosing the exosomes are applied to the newly treated skin, similar to that of a lotion. There is no increased sensation of burning or discomfort with the application.  

If using exosomes to aide hair or facial restoration: your provider can inject the exosomes into the areas of hairloss on the scalp or facial aging. Some mild discomfort can be felt during the procedure with bruising and swelling as the main post treatment side effect.  Once the injections are finished you are able to resume normal activities the next day. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you are having a treatment at Refine Aesthetics then, YES! Almost ALL of our treatments (with the exception of Emsculpt and peels) will benefit from the added enhancement of Exosomes.
Please come in for a complimentary consultation appointment to find out more about Exosomes.

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